Principles of Propaganda


Donald  Trump won the 2016 presidential election
because he knew the fundamental principles of propaganda
and used them effectively to obliterate his opposition.

With these principles, he fooled pollsters, misled voters,
and proved each and every political pundit repeatedly and consistently wrong.

Even now, these pundits excuse and rationalize their errors,
re-analyze the situation,
and continue to make the same mistakes.
They cannot acknowledge that propaganda really works on the vast majority of people,
whatever their level of education or intelligence.

When you don’t know these principles, you cannot resist them,
you fall under their power and you are controlled by them.
This is what happened to tens of millions of American voters in 2016.

This has been proven time and time again, in country after country.

No one wants to believe this because they would have to acknowledge
that they have been persuaded and controlled against their own rational judgment.

Humans want to believe they are too smart to be fooled so easily,
that they are masters of their own will.

A key propaganda technique is –
immediately before you
bombard your targets with lies
and seize control of their emotions –
  assure them they are smart and they are free.

Humans are capable of reason yet prefer not to use it.
They prefer to follow their emotions.
Your emotions are the key which propagandists turn
to unlock the door to your will.

Propagandists tell you what to feel, following simple principles to do it effectively.
When you choose to listen to propaganda,
you simultaneously choose to be controlled by it.

Propaganda can be resisted.
First you must recognize it and know its effective principles.

The slideshow below presents the nine fundamental principles of effective propaganda
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Propaganda is the backdoor hack into your mind

BIG LIE – Always choose the big lie over the small; the masses will believe it more readily.
FOCUS – Use only one or at most two selling points.
REPEAT – Use them over and over until even your enemies know them by heart.
BLAME – Never waver, acknowledge no doubt; always blame, never credit the other side.  Debase, defame, dehumanize.
PROVOKE – First attract attention, then appeal to emotions.
CRISIS – Shades of gray don’t work: Issues must be life/death, good/evil, freedom/slavery, love/hate.
EMOTIONAL SYMBOLS – Good slogans have no literal meaning, only a strong emotional appeal.
PANDER – Ignore intellectuals and reasonable arguments; target unthinking masses with powerful emotional pitches.
NO LIMITS – Ignore all moral limits whenever stakes are high. Your willingness to do anything proves to the masses that your cause is right.

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