The Anti-Propaganda Education Coalition has two guiding principles.
(1) It is part of human nature to be susceptible to propaganda.
(2) Education is the only way to fight and defeat propaganda:
Learn the principles of propaganda
Learn the tools of counterpropaganda

It has been pointed out to us that openly presenting this information on the principles of propaganda is dangerous, as it may easily fall into the wrong hands.

In our opinion, it fell into the wrong hands a very long time ago and they’ve used it for years. Now it’s time to get it into some of the right hands.

Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will.
— Attributed to Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda

Forewarned is forearmed. These principles have been used against you for many years, without your knowledge. They work best when they work in the dark. It’s time to get them into the light.

If we understand the mechanisms and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it.
Edward Bernays, father of American Public Relations

In our experience, when you are aware that propaganda exists, that it follows certain principles, and you know what those principles are, you can defend yourself against them and immunize yourself to their effects. Lacking such awareness, you are helpless prey. Propaganda is the backdoor hack into your mind.

We suggest you use the top menu to read the pages in the following order:
Principles of Propaganda – If you don’t learn what they are, the rest is pointless.
Principles of Counterpropaganda – When you recognize propaganda, you can counteract it.
PDF Handouts – To print your own copy of both sets of principles, the presidential psychological assessment and other goodies.
Quotes – 20th-century experts comment on propaganda.
Trump: Psychopathy – Definitions and descriptions of this personality disorder, with sample quotes.
Trump: Quotes – A collection of quotes exhibiting his narcissism, psychopathy and use of principles of propaganda.
Logical Fallacies – Susceptibility to propaganda rests of a bedrock of fallacious thinking.
Death By Propaganda – Twenty-five years of propaganda warfare against Hillary Clinton murdered her political career. Includes sections on Trump’s phony charitable foundation and the ‘October surprise’ that lost Clinton the election.
Why Propaganda Works – Three essays: Evolutionary Basis of Propaganda, Altruism and Selfishness, Cognitive Problems. Natural Selection molded our ancestors into highly social and communicative creatures. The downside of that process left us highly susceptible to propaganda, which bypasses our rational centers to directly affect our emotional centers.
Summing Up Trump – Summing up all the material presented on Trump with unpleasant predictions of his future behavior.
American Fascism? – If it comes to this, it won’t look like 20th Century German National Socialism or Italian Fascism.
Links – Four Categories: TrumpRussiaGate, Trump Mental Health, Propaganda, Trump Quotes.
Contact – Just what you think it is.

Our Blog Posts
Principles of Propaganda: Nine-part series covers the nine principles using numerous examples.
Principles of Counterpropaganda: Twelve-part series covers the nine principles using numerous examples.
Presidential Psychological Assessment: Determine what your opinion of Trump really means. This assessment has already been distributed to thousands of people.
Trump – Our Psychopathic President: Six-part series covers the twelve criteria of psychopathy according to the Hare Psychopathy Checklist Screening Version (PCL-SV) and why Trump meets all criteria.
By the slimmest of margins: How the October Surprise of 2016 caused Clinton to lose the election. Comparing the prediction to the reality, and the timing of the change, reveals that Clinton really was the victim of an October Surprise.
Trump Foundation Illegalities: The publicly-available information returns of the now-shuttered “Charitable Foundation” reveal so many irregularities and illegalities that New York State had to shut it down. A foretaste of Trump’s personal and corporate returns.
The Mole: A flight of fancy about Donald Trump, Jr. Our first posting.

Our Mission Statement
Educate people about the principles of propaganda – you can’t fight it if you can’t recognize it.
Educate people about the principles of counterpropaganda – once recognized, it must be fought; some methods work, some don’t.
Educate people about the criteria of psychopathy – psychopaths are 1-5% of the population, but cause at least 50% of human social misery. Recognize these toxic people.
Educate people about the intersection of psychopathy with propaganda – psychopaths make the best propagandists because they are without conscience and manipulating you for their own advantage is their primary “game.”
Inform people about Donald Trump – this psychopath has excellent propagandist and lying skills, and is far more dangerous than you think. He is not your friend or an amusing benefactor and you cannot control him.

This website is a production of the Anti-Propaganda Education Coalition
Anyone who abhors propaganda and wants to defeat it everywhere is automatically a member of the Coalition.
You don’t need to tell us, you don’t need our permission, and you may use any of our materials.